There's more to our pizza makers than you think.

A lot of people think that we mindlessly crank out pizzas. But that's not true. We have a real passion for making things by hand. And we're proud to introduce a few of the talented pizza makers who prove it.

Meet Diego

I've wanted to be an art teacher ever since I was in high school. I want to influence kids and help keep them out of trouble.


The Muralist

Position: Pizza Maker

Store: El Paso, TX

Domino's Pizza Maker Since: 2011

Favorite Pizza: A Brooklyn with extra sauce, pepperoni and Jalapeños

I love painting murals because you can't put a price on it. There's a sense of pride, especially knowing that anyone can see it,  and hopefully appreciate it.”

When Diego isn't making Handmade Pan Pizzas, he's studying to be an art teacher at the University of Texas, El Paso.

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I may not be the most traditional of watercolorists, but I’m not your average pizza maker either.


The Watercolorist

Position: General Manager

Store: Flower Mound, TX

Domino's Pizza Maker Since: 2005

Favorite Pizza: Philly Cheese Steak

“Painting with watercolors is my stress reliever. I'm forced to relinquish control and let the watermarks and vibrant colors do the work.”

Whether it's a piece of art, or a perfectly crafted Handmade Pan Pizza, Crystal’s passion is apparent. She's now a General Manager, and hopes to open her own franchise one day.

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Just like my glassblowing, pizza making is an art form. You gotta put your heart into it.


The Glassblower

Position: Pizza Maker & Driver

Store: Santa Fe, TX

Domino's Pizza Maker Since: 2008

Favorite Pizza: Philly Cheese Steak (No green peppers, Add jalapeños)

“With glassblowing, there's always something to learn. It's a real craft.”

Chris continues to pursue his passion by taking glassblowing classes when he isn’t perfecting the art of Handmade Pan Pizza making.

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Meet more of our talented pizza makers
  • Liliana



    Position: Assistant Manager

    Store: San Bernardino, Ca

    Domino's Pizza Maker Since: 2010

    Favorite Pizza: Pacific Veggie

    “I love getting a smile from everyone who looks at my sculptures, whether it's because it's expressing irony or because the figurine is smiling. Sculpting makes me happy.”

  • Christina



    Position: PIZZA MAKER


    Domino's Pizza Maker Since: 2009

    Favorite Pizza: Pan Pizza with pepperoni and Sausage

    “Creating things helps me relax and makes other people happy. Every time I finish a product, I'm just like, 'Wow, I did that!'”

    Lauren P.
  • Lauren P.

    Lauren P.


    Position: General Manager

    Store: Bacliff, TX

    Domino's Pizza Maker Since: 2005

    Favorite Pizza: Pepperoni

    “When it comes to my art, I love color. The brighter, the better...”

  • Jay P.

    Jay P.

    Comic Artist

    Position: Assistant Manager

    Store: Ann Arbor, MI

    Domino's Pizza Maker Since: 2000

    Favorite Pizza: BBQ Chicken with Bacon

    “I’m a traditional artist by nature. I love to draw and illustrate the things that make the imagination run wild. The idea of storytelling through art is entertainment in itself! I believe that comics are the best medium to tell a story of any magnitude.”

  • Adam J.

    Adam J.


    Position: Area Supervisor

    Store: Columbus, OH

    Domino's Pizza Maker Since: 2008

    Favorite Pizza: Pacific Veggie

    “I love woodworking for the satisfaction of having made something with my hands. Power tools are fun too.”

    Adam J.
  • Shelby G.

    Shelby G.

    Furniture Painting

    Position: Assistant Manager

    Store: Glendale, AZ

    Domino's Pizza Maker Since: 2010

    Favorite Pizza: I’m torn between the Buffalo Chicken and the Fiery Hawaiian

    “I love taking boring things and turning them into something I can be proud of. I clearly have a love for polka dots, and furniture that matches my personality is impossible to find. So I just get some paint and solve that problem myself!”

  • Victoria M.

    Victoria M.


    Position: Pizza Maker

    Store: Highland Village, TX

    Domino's Pizza Maker Since: 2010

    Favorite Pizza: Pan Pizza With Alfredo Sauce, Pepperoni, Bacon And Pineapple

    “My favorite thing about painting is that I can express myself. I love the way my brush glides across the canvas. I can make anything I want and it's all mine. I lose myself in a world all my own while painting.”

  • Kimberly L.

    Kimberly L.

    Sugar Sculpture

    Position: Pizza Maker

    Store: Margate, FL

    Domino's Pizza Maker Since: 2013

    Favorite Pizza: Pan Pizza With Alfredo Sauce, Ham And Pineapple

    “The thing I love about my art is that it’s fun, creative, different and takes a lot of patience.”

  • Rich H.

    Rich H.

    Spray Paint Stenciling


    Store: Olean, NY

    Domino's Pizza Maker Since: 2011

    Favorite Pizza: In my book, nothing beats a Pan Pizza

    “I’m new to spray painting with stencils, but it has turned out pretty good so far. It came out of nowhere. Just started cutting some stencils; now I’m hooked!”

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